Monday, June 30, 2014

Mani Monday: Creme De La Creme

Fingers: Creme De La Creme Hollywood Royalty
Toes: Shake It Til You Samba Rhinestones seen here and here.

We had Levi's first birthday party this past Saturday (post coming soon) so while my sister Sheila and her girls were here we made a quick trip to Ulta.  I wanted to try out the new colors I bought and Sheila was game for some pampering (duh!) so I did her fingers in the new colors and then did a fun bright color for her toes, since it is sandal season after all!!  Thank you Alyssa and Bria for entertaining the boys long enough for me to have two free hands to work with!  They already miss you!  Sheila, I know the hand and foot modeling scouts will be knocking down your door any day now!

I also recently took a photography class from the super talented Tina Stinson, she did both my boys newborn pics.  While I have A LOT of practicing to do (Tina makes it look easy!), it has been fun playing around with the settings and learning how all the different factors come together to make a great picture.  Thanks again, Lady for such a fun day with you!  :)

Happy Monday, friends!

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