Monday, March 31, 2014

Mani Monday: Santorini Martini

Happy Monday!  This weeks color was inspired by the spring trends I wrote about on my last Mani Monday post.  I was excited to try a fresh turquoise/light blueish color (my sister Andrea would have the exact color name for me).  
I actually painted my nails last week.  We made a whirlwind trip to Culbertson for my grandma's 85th birthday party this past weekend and then spent a little time on my family's farm (post coming)...My mani wasn't looking so fresh anymore, so this morning I decided to add these crystal gems.  It's a good way to extend your manicure.  If your nails are starting to grow out a bit but the gel looks fine otherwise, add a few crystals to the cuticle line to hide the nail growth!  All I did was add a new layer of the top coat, lay the crystals down, and then put my nails under the dryer.  

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