Friday, August 29, 2014

Camping in the Beartooth Mountains Pt. 2

Happy Friday, friends!  As promised, here is part two of our camping adventure.  If you missed part one, you can find it here.
This was my favorite flower, going through all my pictures I had probably 15 just like this!
Big dog in a little bed!  She was obsessed with sleeping in Gracie's bed. 
"Colter, pretend you're smiling at your (imaginary) girlfriend, (he named) Robin Harper!"


Did I mention I was obsessed with the wildflowers up there??

My 3 favorite people in the whole wide world!

And my favorite pooch!
I'm going to guess it's more questions about Smokey Bear, but who knows with these two!

The cutest little one year old I ever did see!

And the most handsome (messy licorice face) 4 year old!!

My little loves

Carla's favorite mountain flower!
Just so happened we ran into Joey's sister and her husband on a 4-wheeler ride and had Jen snap a couple pics (since I couldn't remember how to work my self timer on my camera and couldn't find my phone to use the remote....later the phone was found on the foot board of the 4-wheeler, in perfect condition!  Yikes!!)

We took a new trail that Joey hadn't been on took us to the top of the world!
Anybody going to stop me???

A+ for effort I think....even Annie snuck in the picture and smiled!

Eating delicious wild strawberries

These critters come running to the sound of a crinkling bag....and most of them are in desperate need of a diet. 

Colter wanted to take them home...
Levi is over pictures...clearly. 

The chipmunks actually preferred sunflower seeds over doritos, Levi...not so much. 
Hey, we'll take what we can get when asking a stranger to take our pic (this one turned out way better than the first two she took :)

Our last stop before we went home (and dunked the boys in the tub) was to Granny P's house, since she gives the best tickles, of course! 
Hope you all have a great Labor Day weekend doing what you love to do!! XO