Monday, July 6, 2015

Yellowstone National Park and The 4th of July

The past month has been such a blur!  We started our busy season with my cousin's wedding, next we spent the week back at my parents place while Joey was out of town, next I had a slew of visitors: mom, sisters, brothers, nieces and nephews here for camps, appointments, shopping, and much cousin play time!!  As crazy as it was, we loved it! The day after the crew left, we packed up and left for a family vacation/Levi's 2nd birthday trip to Yellowstone National Park.  We crammed as much of Yellowstone as we could in one day and then stayed in Cody, WY that night and did the museum and some shopping the next day before we headed home.  

This past weekend we spent in Red Lodge, a family tradition I love.  We went for a nice little hike, perfect for small kids, small dogs, and out of shape mommas :)  Next we took a quick drive a ways up the Beartooth Pass to Vista to see the chipmunks, always a fun time!  We went to the rodeo that night where Colter was not drawn for mutton bustin.....but Friday, Friday friends, he was drawn!  We were so proud of him for being brave and doing it!  He took 3rd and had the rankest sheep of the bunch haha!!!  

Saturday was all about the parade and getting candy, having lunch at Granny P's house, shopping and having ice-cream (we do this every single year), and then heading to Grandma Doro's house for an evening BBQ.  

The past few weeks have been a blur, but I'm so happy for the memories we've made and the time we've got to spend with the people we love!!!  Here are a few shots from our Yellowstone trip and from our 4th of July weekend. :)

watching buffalo
This guy was right next to the parking lot at the entrance to the falls!

:) Ain't no thang, just hanging here with a bull elk in velvet!  haha!

About as good as it gets for a family pic with all of us in it :)

Grand Prismatic Springs, the colors were just amazing

Waiting for Old Faithful

Colter loved the museum in Cody.  

and he has a thing for westerns, so when he saw this he was SO excited. 

We thought this looked like a face.  

Put this boy in a backpack and take him on a hike and he's out!

He woke up just in time for lunch!

Mother Nature, you amaze me.

He thinks he looks like Wally Trollman from Wally Kazam!

Ride em!!

Joey's Uncle Fred 
The boy's cousins Chandler and Austin throwing candy, while Uncle Tom drives. 

Smokey the Bear!


Granny P with her boys! 
Poor Levi always falls asleep before we have our ice-cream.  Colter and I have our picture taken on this step every year. 

The boys swinging with their cousin LoLo and Auntie Cheri
The perfect end to the weekend.  Dirty faces and feet and full bellies and hearts.