Monday, April 28, 2014

Mani Monday: Coral Wishes

Coral Crush  High Society  Santorini Martini

I thought it would be fun to do this weeks Mani Monday using pics I took from our recent vacation to Florida.  I thought the colors were so fun for a nice warm vacation, perfect for spring/summer, and Easter!

You can see a previous Mani Monday post I did using Santorini Martini and the gems on my ring fingers and big toes here. Also a post showing what I use for a base and top coat here.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Florida Vacation!

We just got back from our family vacation to St. Petersburg, FL.  It was such an amazing trip.  The boys did great.  Colter is very good at flying, we weren't sure how Levi would do (he likes to do everything totally opposite from his brother) but he did great.  Colter gets on an airplane and zonks out, Levi took cat naps but didn't do much sleeping on the plane.  He was a happy baby for the most part though, whew!  We spent our time enjoying the beach (we stayed on Treasure Island Beach but our favorite was Clearwater Beach...with kids, renting a cabana was the way to go!), going to the Clearwater Aquarium (we met Winter the dolphin!), shopping (FYI, surprisingly, the shopping was not great along the coast of St. Petersburg...I love to stroll through little shops in all the different towns, but these left a lot to be desired.  Though not a quaint little shop, the Tampa mall made up for it), and the Tampa zoo was awesome (rated the #1 zoo in America by Parents Magazine).

We asked Colter what his favorite part of the trip was and he said snorkeling in the pool with his daddy, I wish I could have videoed it (I was in the pool with Levi) it was the cutest thing, he put Joey's snorkel on and Joey swam him all around the pool.  He was pretty proud he went all the way under and used the snorkel like a champ.  His second favorite part (one of my faves as well) was getting to 'pet' the sting rays.  They were so soft and squishy and odd feeling.  They loved to be petted.  They'd swim up and take their heads our of water and flap their wing looking flippers and splash everywhere, very funny.  

If Levi could talk, I'm sure he would say his favorite part was taking naps with his daddy in the shade of the cabana with the breeze blowing through and the sound of the waves crashing in the background...ahhhh sounds relaxing doesn't it?  I wouldn't know, while daddy was putting Levi to sleep, Colter and I were playing IN those crashing waves.  ;)

Here is our trip in pictures!  Caution, I took a ton of pictures (these are in no particular order, who has time for that?!)....this is what I narrowed it down to (there are still a lot!) not pictured is the cold I had the entire time we were there and the stomach bug I had for two full days.  I swear, when my body hears we're going on a trip, it decides to rebel against me. 

Now I'm off to prepare for a super hero birthday for a big 4 year old!!!!


 Where are your favorite places to travel?

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Little Boys and the Ninja Turtles

3 year old Cameron circa 1991

Levi 9 months

Colter almost 4

What is it with little boys and the ninja turtles?  When my mom and I saw these shirts a few weeks ago, we knew the boys had to have them.  They reminded us of a little blonde haired boy 23 years ago.  Love my baby brother and my boys love their Uncle Cam.