Saturday, February 21, 2015

Our New Little Buddy, Sawyer

We welcomed Sawyer, a mini golden doodle to our family on February 1st.  We love him so much!  What a sweet little pup.  He is so calm for a puppy.  He lets the boys love on him.  Winston and Tiki even tolerate him!!  All 13 fluffy pounds of him.  He follows me around where ever I go.  If I'm cooking, he's laying on the rug at my feet, if I walk to the table to give the boys their food, he follows me....back and forth.  

It's kind of a funny story.  I've always said I wanted my next pup to be a golden doodle and we had been talking about it for someday in the future.  Colter got it in his head and wouldn't let it go...I told him we needed to save our money (for a golden-poodle as Colter says it).  So Joey told me the week before we got him that he had to go out of town for work, something he actually does have to do fairly often, I thought nothing of it because to reach the biggest crowd, he has to do certain meetings on weekends or when he got home that night and I welcomed a puppy sitting at the door instead of my husband, I almost really!  Turns out, Joey picked his mom up on the way and drove to a different state to pick our little fella up!

Colter named him Sawyer after the boy on Dolphin Tale, a movie he really loves.  I thought that was special and a cute name so Sawyer stuck.  Here are a few pics of our new pup. 


Monday, February 16, 2015

Mani Monday: Bright Dots

Creme de la Creme Tiki Tiki Laranga Star Power
Happy President's Day friends!  I hope you all had a great Valentine's weekend and are enjoying the day off (I am so happy to have the hubs home for the day)!  I had such a fun weekend.  My sister, her husband, her 3 girls + a friend came to Billings and spent the weekend.  It was nice having some girls in this house for a change!  So of course, we did nails.  I was inspired by this post from one of my favorite bloggers, and though I'm no professional, I think they turned out pretty cute! My bracelet was from a vendor on the beach in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico pt. 2

It was so hard to narrow down what pictures to post, if you missed part one, here it is.  I love them all for lots of different reasons. Obviously this trip was about family and this family has my heart!!  :) 

The view from my bed wasn't too shabby.  

Just comparing muscles with Freddy :)  Freddy is almost 70!!
Sweet Doria, oh how I miss your breakfasts.   

There are so many statues along the Malecon (a mile long boardwalk with shops, restaurants, etc...)  This one was especially pretty at sunset.  
This picture just makes me happy.  
Helping Grandma eat her breakfast.  
Playing around with another statue on Malecon. 
I'm kind of obsessed with these boys. 

This is on our boat ride to Yelapa.  Turtle rock, named for obvious reasons, is a popular snorkeling destination.   
Our tour guide, who called himself Uncle Ernie to the boys, scooped Colter right up and helped him cross the river, which got fairly deep in some parts.   
Once we got to Yelapa, Ernie took us around the little village which just recently got electricity (we had to stop for a burro train at one point), here is one lady who was selling handmade leather bracelets, among other things. 
He then took us to the waterfall, Colter took his shoes off and walked around in the little pools of water surrounded by the rocks.  Seriously, Yelapa holds a special place in my heart! 
Levi riding in style! If you travel a lot or go hiking with your small kiddo, get a Kelty Kids backpack!  Both my boys have used this one.   
Joey's dad Bill and mom Carla.   
One of these did not come home with me, kind of kicking myself.  
A view of the beach from the village.
You can't go to the home of the famous pie lady and not sample a piece!  Lemon meringue did not disappoint.  Joey had coconut cream, and Colter (surprise) had chocolate.  :) 

Everybody, meet Pedro.  He is 12 years old.  Did you know as iguanas get older they go from green to this orange color?
They'll let anybody drive their boat!  :)  (see what happens when they play a little CCR?! Colter was so cute dancing!!)

The pool at the house we rented.  
This kid can't pass up a doughnut.  He did not get his love for chocolate from me.   
Oh you know, just a man on his burro with his dog, riding down the street... 
...and a momma dog (and another not pictured) barking at passerby tourists from a rooftop.  

I wish we could eat this fresh for that cheap here in Montana...

Colter and Uncle Jeff
Levi and his daddy laying in the shade taking in the view. 

What we see from our boat, arriving for the Rhythm of the Nights show. (he was rocking back and forth, had to have a 12 pack I'm sure)
Along our walk to our dinner table, there was a lot to see.  All of these 'people' were also performers in the show later on. 

I think my parents need one of these in Fort Peck!!
The view from our dinner table.  The service was amazing and they had performers singing and playing music, SO ROMANTIC, everything was lit by candles. 

This was from the bathroom, hehe, but so pretty!!

The view of the dock from our table. 
After dinner Mexican coffee (it had cinnamon in it) with a bit of kahlua and cream.  Mmmmm 
Walking into the show, right before cameras had to be turned off. The show was really cool, all the performers were animals and were so beyond talented.  
They had lights under the water, and it lit the water up enough to see huge fish swimming below us. It was such an amazing night.  Joey and I did this on our last night in Mexico.    
Colter picked me a beautiful flower for my hair. 
'Our' beach.  We went here every day of our trip.  I never had to fight for a lounge chair in the sun, the boys could play in the sand, there was always a table in the shade to park all of our stuff.  Perfecto. 

There were people selling these, cooked fresh, right close to where we were sitting, every day.  I did not sample them but apparently they were a hit.  The man with the green and yellow had came everyday and got our business.  :)  Colter loved the marlin skewers.   

The view of the city and ocean from our house at night. You can see the church on the right. 
The place we purchased our art piece.  
Colter is obsessed with dolphins, because of Dolphin Tale.  We saw a few real ones jumping out of the water too!
Colter goes with Uncle Jeff for a minute and comes back in this!  He's a pretty good looking soccer player if I do say!

Why can't we all paint our houses and buildings colors like this?  Makes me so happy.  :)
Just posing from our bedroom balcony.  

My drink of choice the whole trip: Mango Daiquiri.   
I can never find the words to describe this man, there just isn't a word to describe how much I love him!!!  
This face.  I have about 50 pictures of him sleeping in his stroller!  We would beach all morning and after lunch, put him in the stroller and go shopping, he'd instantly fall asleep.  We'd then park his stroller under an umbrella on the beach and he'd nap to the sound of the ocean.  Poor kid :)  On a side note, will somebody invent a stroller that pushes easily on sand?!
Grandma and her boys. (They sell fresh fruit on sticks, and cups of melons and veggies right on the beach)
Have I mentioned my obsession with the flags? :) 
The Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Kiss Me Ombre Jamberry Nails for the beach :)

Pool time with Auntie Jen
Goodbye Villa Gaeta, Goodbye Puerto Vallarta.  You were good to us.