Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Jamberry Nails 7 Day Chip Challenge + Giveaway

Hi!  I hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend!  

I was contacted by Joanne, a lovely Jamberry Nail consultant to complete a '7 Day Chip Challenge'.  I was super excited since I've been wondering what Jamberry nails are all about.  The challenge was simple: Apply an accent nail to two fingers and paint the rest with regular polish.  Take a photo on day 1 and take another photo on day 7.  Joanne has a tutorial on how to apply the wraps on her facebook page, it's really easy (links to all this information at the bottom). 

I'm not a huge fan of regular nail polish, and mostly do my own gel polish.  I don't like how regular polish doesn't stay looking nice for very long, I'm a momma of two busy boys so when I take the time to do my nails, I want it to last.  Along with doing the 7 day chip challenge with regular polish on my fingers, I also did it on my toes using gel polish, since gel is what I usually use. You will see in the pictures below by the 7th day of regular polish it was wearing out on all the edges and had cracks running all through them.  The gel on my toes look pretty much as good as they did on day one.  I can see myself using Jamberry nail wraps for an accent nail a lot when using gels and when I want to give my nails a break from gel I would do the entire set of nails with Jamberry wraps.  I have tiny nails, so I actually got two fingers and two toes out of one (Flirty Flare) wrap!! 

Here are some of my other favorite Jamberry Nail wraps (I had a really hard time narrowing it down to these): 
Kiss Me Ombre 
Mint Green & Gold Horizontal Pinstripe

Did I mention there was a giveaway?!  Scroll to the bottom for more details!

The new fall catalog is now out with so many cute options!

Day 1

Day 1 (no I am NOT a foot model haha and yes those are my hubby's initials)

Day 7

Day 7

Day 7

Day 9

Day 9
Have I sold you on Jamberry nails yet?  I hope so!  If you are interested in purchasing any Jamberry wraps or just taking a look at all of your choices, you can shop here. Like them?  You can book a party in-home or online only!  Love them?  You can become a consultant, ask Joanne how here: sweetheart.5@comcast.net or 856-298-2798.

Giveaway time!!!  All you have to do is hop on over to my facebook page and Joanne's facebook page and give us each a 'like', then comment and share this post on my facebook page telling me what your favorite wrap design is to win a free sheet of Jamberry Nail wraps!  I will announce the random winner of the giveaway on Tuesday September 9th.  Good Luck!

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