Monday, July 7, 2014

A weekend in review

 Just a little photo diary of our Holiday weekend!

We started out our 4th of July weekend by going to The Home of Champions Rodeo in Red Lodge.  Colter had a blast, can you tell?  Lay off the sugar buddy!  Haha, I laugh every time I look at these pictures.  This kid!!  Grandma Carla watched Levi at Great Granny P's house so Joey and I could have a date with our big boy.  It was a great rodeo and we couldn't have asked for better weather. 

The next morning was the parade (Levi's face in the family picture LOL)!  Colter hasn't been to a parade since he was 2 (a certain little cutie pie was in the NICU last year so we missed out on the festivities) so the whole concept of collecting the candy thrown from the floats was new to start, the candy had to literally hit him before he would get a piece, but after a little while and much encouragement from us, he figured it out...then he couldn't be stopped.  :)  As always, after the parade got over, we went to Granny's for fried chicken and a cool down, then back downtown for shopping and our traditional ice cream stop with Grandma Carla.  Colter met a new friend, Sampson while eating our ice cream.  He was such a nice boy.  (His sister Sadie is in the background, also a great dane.)  After our Red Lodge fun, we headed to Joliet for Grandma Dorothy and Grandpa Gary's annual 4th of July BBQ!!  Is it just me, or do holidays revolve around the next meal?!  After more food and family, we were on our way home...exhausted!  Joey put Levi went to bed and Colter and I sat up and watched a few fireworks before he was ready to retire to bed too.  A crazy, tiring, fun filled day with family! (ps blogger has a mind of it's own when spacing  and centering pictures, could drive me nuts!)

The next day we decided to try out a splash park in town, we hadn't been to any yet and figured the boys would enjoy it.....turns out I enjoyed it more than either of them did....oh well.  

Had to share this one just because...Winston couldn't be left out!  After Levi's one year old photo shoot, Winston got his minute in the spotlight.  Doesn't he look thrilled?!  (He would have rather smashed the cake.)

Glad to see our new sunshade for my sun intolerant Levi is being put to good use....


And of course, last but not least.....the important stuff!  I do not like fire crackers at all (only fire works, from a very safe distance)....needless to say my request for only smoke bombs and those inchworm ones was rejected.  I did get some fun sparkler pics of Colter and I, so all was right with the world.   

Hope everyone had a great 4th of July weekend and it isn't too painful getting back into the swing of things.  We had a brief but very nice lunch and visit with my Auntie Myrna and Uncle George, so that's helping us ease into things!  Great seeing you two!!

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