Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A Beautiful Baby Bump

Disclaimer: I am not a professional photographer (not even close) and I didn't edit these pictures at all....but I kind of feel like they didn't even need it.  This couple, Cassi and Cory, are perfect just the way they are, no editing needed!!  I had so much fun taking these pictures and I'm so happy I got to share in this special moment with them.  A big thank you to my trusty assistant, Harlie!  She was so much fun and a big help.  Love ya Har!  I wish I would have done this with both of my boys (granted neither of them stayed on the inside long enough even if I wanted to)!  Sweet baby Harlo, I can't wait to meet you, and your two little Phillips cousins are impatiently waiting too!  Colter can't wait to shower you in kisses!  You are already SO loved. 

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