Thursday, June 23, 2016

The Kacz Fam 2016 {Family Pictures}

Holy smokes, time to knock the cobwebs off the old blog again!  Boy does life have a way taking over, in the best way (most of the time).  :) I have a super fun reason to hop on here though, I absolutely love taking Joey's cousin Trev's family's pictures.  They are so much fun and are obviously photogenic!!  Timber and Tyne are super close in age to my boys, and they tell knock knock jokes just the same too (they make no sense whatsoever which is kind of hilarious).  Every time I see Theo, he grows leaps and bounds, he is such a great big bro!  The last time I took their pictures was two years ago, in the fall.  They have grown so much, and so have my photography skills ;) Hope you guys love your pics Trev and Jacey!  Love ya!

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