Monday, February 2, 2015

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico 2015 pt. 1

We've been home from our vacation for a week now, and lets just say I'm in full swing of vacation blues....actually I don't really have time for that anymore because my husband surprised me yesterday with the cutest little mini goldendoodle puppy ever (that's for another post)!!  

Anyway, we went on a family vacation with Joey's mom, dad, sister, and her husband to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and had an amazing time.  I definitely can't wait to go back!  If you're thinking about going on a vacation, maybe with your entire family, I highly recommend PV.  Mexico in general is a very kid friendly place to travel, PV being no exception.  They just have a love for kids there and they let kids be kids.  Kind of great if you ask me!  The boys traveled really well and did so good on the trip.  It was so nice having extra hands on deck with Papa Bill, Grandma Carla (or Granny if you ask Levi), Auntie Jen, and Uncle Jeff with us and the boys loved having them there too.  We rented a house, which came with Freddy, the groundskeeper, who was a complete character and kept us entertained....and Doria, who cooked us the most amazing breakfasts every morning (I really miss her breakfasts) and kept our house spotless.  Anyone who is interested, let me know and I can give you information on the place or try to answer any questions about traveling there you might have.  :)

Some of the things we did (besides lay out, drink, eat, and shop) were: go to the zoo: Jen, Colter, and I bought food bags and the tiger/lion cub package. We fed a lot of animals (they gave us tons of food in the bag) and we got to hold three 1 month old tigers and one 1.5 month old lion, plus two different monkeys, and a lemur.  Talk about a once in a lifetime, amazing experience!!  Joey's parents, and our crew took a boat ride to Yelapa (anyone going on a honeymoon any time soon??  SUCH a romantic place) We loved it there (and that's where the famous pie lady lives)!! We took turns going to Rhythm of the Nights which was a 5 hour event, starting with a boat ride with the most entertaining crew ever, dinner, dessert, and drinks at an amazing location, a cirque du soleil style show to top the night off and then the boat ride home was super romantic and fun.  (Yelapa and the Show will be on the next post.)  

Seriously, I took 1, 500 pictures........

I think all towns should have flags running across their downtown shopping streets, I was obsessed. 

Slug bugs, everywhere!

Another thing I was obsessed with, taking pictures of the sailboats, especially at sunset. 

Three of the regulars at the beach front bar we went to every day (hey, they served the kids popcorn!) plus they had palapas for the shade lovers, a place for me to lay out, and great service.  :)

A humpback whale showing off (an hour after I took the zoom lens off my camera, of course)

Having her portrait painted.

The Church of Our Lady Guadalupe

Have I mentioned how much I love my (white) boys :)  Bring on the SPF for these two.  

Delicioso Mexican version of Coldstone Creamery.  My lemon and Colter's strawberry were on point.  

The boys, the flags, the shopping...I love everything about this picture. 

I mean c'mon...this kids is like....way cooler than me!  :)

Colter got scratched by one of the tigers, and that was pretty much the coolest thing ever...boys.  

Mr. Giraffe did not want our carrots. 

...but Ms. Ostrich did!  She was my fave thing to feed, very freaky at first but so fun! 

She just goes to town pecking at your hand till each little pellet is gone.  Colter did not enjoy the ostrich as much as I did.  

If you follow my instagram you saw the selfie or usie I should say, with this little camel. :)

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