Saturday, February 21, 2015

Our New Little Buddy, Sawyer

We welcomed Sawyer, a mini golden doodle to our family on February 1st.  We love him so much!  What a sweet little pup.  He is so calm for a puppy.  He lets the boys love on him.  Winston and Tiki even tolerate him!!  All 13 fluffy pounds of him.  He follows me around where ever I go.  If I'm cooking, he's laying on the rug at my feet, if I walk to the table to give the boys their food, he follows me....back and forth.  

It's kind of a funny story.  I've always said I wanted my next pup to be a golden doodle and we had been talking about it for someday in the future.  Colter got it in his head and wouldn't let it go...I told him we needed to save our money (for a golden-poodle as Colter says it).  So Joey told me the week before we got him that he had to go out of town for work, something he actually does have to do fairly often, I thought nothing of it because to reach the biggest crowd, he has to do certain meetings on weekends or when he got home that night and I welcomed a puppy sitting at the door instead of my husband, I almost really!  Turns out, Joey picked his mom up on the way and drove to a different state to pick our little fella up!

Colter named him Sawyer after the boy on Dolphin Tale, a movie he really loves.  I thought that was special and a cute name so Sawyer stuck.  Here are a few pics of our new pup. 


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