Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Colter is 5!

Just a quick post to recap Colter's 5th birthday.  HOW IS HE 5?!  He had a great birthday party with family and a super fun little party with a couple of friends from school on his actual birthday.  It was dreary on his birthday party weekend, as it is every year...but this year on his actual birthday, it was beautiful out!!  There were 3 very worn out little preschool boys after jumping on the trampoline and doing 'boy stuff.'  :)  

The concept of five has been a tough one for me, seems so crazy that my little 2 pound 6 ounce, 14.5 inch long baby born at 33&5 weeks with growth restriction could possibly be a 'big', smart FIVE year old!  When I really think about it though, he is still very much my baby.  He comes into bed with us nearly every night the past few months, because he just misses me so much.  He wants me to play along with every game he dreams up, jump on his new birthday trampoline with him, etc...which I am soaking up because I know it won't always be that way.  

He dresses himself everyday (multiple outfits most days), loves to play characters (often inspired by things he sees in real life), is loving learning letters and numbers and asks many questions about things swirling in his mind and normally answers them himself , he is so very thoughtful asking his daddy how his day was at work every evening.  I just love this little boy more than humanly possible!!  

I need to do an official 5 year old photoshoot soon.  For now here are just a few pictures from his birthday celebrations.  

White may not have been the right choice in shirt color :)  

Mama C outdid herself this year!   
The thumbs up is a trait inherited by my side of the family, I have vivid memories of my brothers doing this same exact thing.  :)

I week after Colter blew the NICU coop, we did his 'newborn' pictures with the always lovely Tina Stinson.  The only time he peed the entire shoot was in his daddy's boot.  

Wouldn't this make a great shot for their senior slideshow?! haha!

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