Thursday, August 14, 2014

What we've been up to: Part 1

Levi and cousin Tristin
A snapshot before we were off to Shrek
The trusty old playhouse never gets old
So many Aunties so little time!

Cousins cousins everywhere!
A Gram, an Auntie, and a think they're related?!

This whole vacation thing is exhausting!

A non photo bomed picture of my sister and I!

Uncle Bill and Auntie Brenda are two of the nicest people I know!
Congrats to the newlywed, my big brother, Shane!

Mama C knows the way to this boys heart!
A big brother and a little sissy!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I can get Corey to smile!! 
The newlyweds

My Daddy-Oat and me
Pretty girl overload!
My Dad and his Sissy

SO much love
My Gram and Me
Brennan having fun with the super moon!
I hope they're not laughing at me!

Oh dear, it's starting already!  He is pretty irresistible. 
Alyssa (my niece/God daughter) how are you already 13?!

Gram and Ann

So happy to have our uncle and auntie come all the was from SD!
And Auntie Myrna all the way from AK!

Gram and sissy Kristen, beautiful ladies!
Happy 30 year anniversary to my mom and dad (Aug 4th)!

My lovely niece Miss Tarin
My sweet Aidan, I refuse to accept the fact that you are a freshman in high school.

This is a moment of peace at about 10:30pm.  It's hard work being so cute and kissable!
 My heart swells when I get to spend so much quality time with my amazing, huge, and crazy family.  Joey had to spend the week working in ND so the boys and I decided to spend the week at my parents house, our only trip back this summer.  It worked out perfect because it just so happened that weekend, my brother and now sister-in-law had a (secret) wedding, so we all gathered to celebrate with a reception at the park!  This was perfect for the kids and nice and laid back, just how I like it!  

We crammed a lot into our week back home: a movie (Planes: Fire and Rescue was super cute) and dinner, an "end of theatre camp" performance, Shrek The Musical at the Fort Peck Theatre, two beach trips, Shane and Sue's wedding reception, Colter and Joey's camp out, and LOTS of awesome cousin/auntie time for my boys and me!  My nieces and nephews are not supposed to get any older from the last time I've seen them, and yet they always do.  It's a sad fact that I have a hard time with! Regardless, we were so happy to spend the week with the ones we love!

Part two coming soon, and if you missed this post, you should check it out, it's good for a nice laugh!    

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